eagle point, batangas

eagle point series: rocks and cloud
eagle point series: kayak by sombrero island
more old-school snaps. shot on kodak tmax 400 cn film, five summers back.


sax maniac

tribute to an old bandmate. painted from a snapshot i took (using a clunky, lovely, low-tech, russian-made zenit) during one of his first pro gigs.

sigh. been a while since i last picked up a palette knife. have really, really got to get back to painting soon.

george: oil on canvas

stealing faces: dusko

tall dark and dusky
captured from across the room with a canon powershot S45 4-megapixel point and shooter (low res), handheld (shakily), in horrible fluorescent light (flat and weak), using full digital zoom (which they say you should never do because it makes a terribly noisy image).

a technical disaster by all accounts, but what the hell.



a best wishes post, since she'll be tying the knot in a couple of weeks.

yet another studio-on-the-spot setup. shot this next to her cube in the office, between writing jobs.



the rest of the coffee break series. outtakes from stuff shot for a new business pitch. all done in-house, with no budget to speak of. hence, officemates for talents, no stylist, and a 'studio' which was nothing more than a desk, a chair and a roll of kraft paper with one end taped to the ceiling.
ona's mugshot
rhea's and shelyz' mugshot
marco's and shao's mugshots
tr's mugshot
denise's and cris' mugshotsjoji's mugshot



re-imagining the abandoned building across the street.

early morning one late afternoon

pia's mugshot
first in a series of 'mugshots.' folks at work asked for a pic of someone drinking coffee in the wee hours of the morning. problem was, the request came at quarter to four in the afternoon.

the quick fix? fool around with the white balance setting on a digital camera, set it to tungsten, shoot with daylight coming through the window. and turn back the clock.



nude watercolor sketch 1 and 2
painted several saturdays ago, at an office-sponsored nude sketching session. thought i'd be brave (read: foolish) and work with watercolors. it's a terribly unforgiving medium, and given that each pose was held for just 20 minutes or so, these are all i could come up with.

good fun though. and one of the few times i'd ever get to share a room with a naked lady, haha.

nude watercolor sketch 3nude watercolor sketch 4


some days just feels this way

lone boat. shot ages ago with a pentax mz-5 film SLR, an 80-200m pentax A-type zoom with a polarizer and graduated neutral density filter. film stock is 35mm kodak tmax 400 cn (i wonder, do they still make it?). exposure unrecorded and unfortunately, long forgotten.


lighting lab: krix

krix funny face

another lighting experiment. this time, on a human subject. that's krix, our agency's caster, and no, he doesn't always look like that. t'was his birthday yesterday, so i guess this makes a most fitting post.


lighting lab: frog

origami frog

folded this little bugger one particularly slow day at the office. then figured, like true frogs, it would make a good subject for an experiment: high key lighting.

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