touchy feely

today's obsession: texture. no strobes here, just available light.breakwater and ocean


stand-in stand out

test shot
helped krix out last week by taking portraits of folks we were casting for an upcoming project. his student trainees were there to assist, so i asked one of them to sit for a test shot once the lights were set up.

reviewing the photos, quite a few of the guys mistook her for one of the models.



perhaps the best part about working with young talent: the silly post-shoot souvenirs.
tres marias 1
photographed the kids in a conference room with teal colored walls. since we didn't have the requisite dark cloth background, had to arrange the lights carefully and flag them so the space would register as pure black.
tres marias 2


all aboard

photographed with a pentax mz-5 on kodak tmax 400 cn.
eagle point series: dock departure


glass pebbles
just photographed some stuff by window light, to kill time. might also try replicating the image in watercolor someday.


motion picture

coffee beans animated
this was fun.

we didn't have the resources to shoot the tv sequence on film, so i took individual stills instead and we just strung them together in the edit.

click the image above for a looksie.coffee beans


rock / garden

from greenery to granite. quite a bit of digital post work on these. couldn't help myself, those cacti just looked so damn sculptural.

source images photographed in open shade.cactus1


free shot

eva sangria bottle
er, photo, i mean :)

took some product stills gratis for one of adformatix' oldest clients. now that's not how it's normally done in our business, but the budget was limited and hell, like i said, i'm a sucker for the challenge of lighting glass.



we were visiting our in-laws when i spied little grant playing peekaboo from the second floor veranda. taken with the old canon powershot S45 at high noon.


lighting lab: cologne bottle

kenzo cologne
i'm a sucker for objects made of glass. mainly because they're a bitch to light.

my seatmate, tanya, keeps this bottle of cologne on her desk. seemed like an interesting subject, so one evening, after the day's deadlines had been met, i decided to take a crack at shooting it.

the clean white background was done with a softbox, not software.


hey mister, that's a donut

first attempts at food photography. shot in the office for a new-business pitch. images served both as print material and as a lighting peg for video/animatics.

brown donuts stacked
choco flavored donuts
t'was make-do from the get-go: store-bought products, no food stylist, and an improvised studio (the reflective surface is a glass tabletop which we stole from the reception area and placed on top of felt paper, with another sheet of felt for backing).

fiesta donuts

figuring out how to make it all work was half the fun. also didn't hurt that we got to eat the props after, haha.

and oh, we won the account. *grin*

cream filled donuts' crowns


queen of the house

that's peachy. so named because she joined the family during the erap impeachment trials. been ruler of the roost ever since.

a few interesting facts about the peach:

• she's a watchdog. when strangers come up to the gate, she just watches.
only when my dad opens the front door to see who's there will she start barking.
• she's a fearless cat chaser -- but if the cat decides to turn and face her,
she'll high-tail it out of there, haha.
• as a pup, she got milk for breakfast and (i kid you not) apples for snacks.
• my mom taught her the old 'beautiful eyes' bit.
• her favorite game is tag, but she also plays fetch and basketball with my dad.
• she likes her meals hot. and she won't eat the same kind of food
on consecutive servings. you've got to shuffle the menu.
• if we call for delivery, she gets her own order (usually chicken).
• and my absolute favorite: after baths, she'll hold her paw out for you to do her nails.

photo taken mid-morning in our yard, in open shade.

lighting lab: tanya

quite literally, in half light.
taken mid-setup at another in-house print shoot.tanya 1
tanya 2
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