queen of the house

that's peachy. so named because she joined the family during the erap impeachment trials. been ruler of the roost ever since.

a few interesting facts about the peach:

• she's a watchdog. when strangers come up to the gate, she just watches.
only when my dad opens the front door to see who's there will she start barking.
• she's a fearless cat chaser -- but if the cat decides to turn and face her,
she'll high-tail it out of there, haha.
• as a pup, she got milk for breakfast and (i kid you not) apples for snacks.
• my mom taught her the old 'beautiful eyes' bit.
• her favorite game is tag, but she also plays fetch and basketball with my dad.
• she likes her meals hot. and she won't eat the same kind of food
on consecutive servings. you've got to shuffle the menu.
• if we call for delivery, she gets her own order (usually chicken).
• and my absolute favorite: after baths, she'll hold her paw out for you to do her nails.

photo taken mid-morning in our yard, in open shade.

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