today is vector a friend day

ej's vector portrait


time machine

a few months ago, the kids at work found this site called yearbookyourself. it takes your mugshot and mashes it with some dated, black and white yearbook picture, giving you the hair, clothing and eyewear of your chosen decade. really hilarious sh*t.

it also got me thinking about a possible side project: what if i take relatively recent photos of people and retouch them to create images of those folks from say, ten years ago?

so, here are a couple of officemates and my impression of what they looked like back in the day.



hey, a halo!

smoke ring in the skynot really. just a smoke ring from an exploded rocket.


oh look, lanterns!

flowers like lanternsnot really. just flowers we found in baguio.



faux sketch photo
another attempt at making photos look like they're not.


mae day

man, i almost screwed these up.

tried shooting the wedding of a good friend with the camera set to overexpose by a stop and a half. knew there'd be a lot of whites around so i was hoping to get a graphic, almost 2-dimensional high-key effect.

bride's arrival high key
bridal march

thing is, by pushing the exposure so much, it's easy to clip the highlights and lose image data. so i did end up having to do a fair amount of post in order to rescue some detail and reign in the contrast. mayo says she likes it, so all told, i guess the risky move worked.


couple as seen on camcorder monitor
couple at the altar
couple exchange vows, high key
jaguar mark II bridal car

you'll find the rest of the series on my friend mae's page, here.


the way home

if only it were always so clear.

fishing boat and crepuscular rays, puerto galerasource image shot on kodak max 400 color film using a pentax mz-5.


spotting bigfoot

foot in intramuros archwayfound during a photo safari in the walled city of intramuros.
shot using a pentax mz-5 loaded with kodak tmax 100 film.


devil in the details

plastic scoop for milk powder becomes unwitting commentary on the china melamine issue.

powder scoop red
milk powder scoop


come together

the easter morning faithful at the holy cross parish in nabua. jigsawed from 44 separate images shot with a 50mm prime lens. click to enlarge.photomerged images of easter crowd at holy cross parish church in nabua


cut n' paste

the naga metropolitan cathedral, shot in segments using a 50mm prime lens.

naga metropolitan cathedral photomerge


high and wide

more photomergers. baguio in stormlight, as seen from the cathedral grounds.baguio panorama



the view from a suite at the manor in camp john hay, baguio city. ten separate images stitched together to form a near 180-degree panorama.
manor hotel, baguio panorama


lighting lab: centerfold

i started learning how to light with a model named clara.

she was the only one patient enough to sit through sessions while i fiddled with cheap-ass makeshift equipment. she worked for free and, was willing to pose naked, haha.
clara covers her bottomclara spread (censored)
clara topless
clara come hither
clara sprawl
clara flirt
photographed a long time ago using a 4MP canon powershot s45 on manual, exposure unrecorded. lit using the office fluorescents with scraps of cardboard serving as reflectors and flags.


forest of lies

nothing like what was captured on cam.

sorry, just couldn't resist. what i saw with my eyes was not quite what i saw in my head.baguio forest reimagined


cracks in the sky

maybe if i wait long enough, they'll start bleeding stars. tree branches against overcast sky


some of us are tall, some of us are small

officemates marie and anthony, shot during the last company anniversary. anthony and marie with balloons


lost and found

that can't be yours, fed. it isn't black enough.

heart in wood


jackie christian 2

jackie christian with photo illustrationsjust fooling around with some casting photos i took of UNO model jackie christian a good while back.

shots from another session with jackie here and here.


shooting on a shoestring

a no-budget end frame for a mega-budget commercial.

the set consists of my black office jacket draped over a chair to cover the seat and backrest. the products are resting on glass stolen from one of the office tables.
clusivol end framethey're lit with one overhead strobe, flagged so the light won't hit the background. a piece of cardboard bounces light toward the front of the shot, and a desk pad on camera left and just out of frame helps lighten up the side of the box.

reflections are all in-camera, with postwork limited to slight retouching of the box's worn edges.


lighting lab: pia

when you're stressed at work, go shoot somebody.
pia in the hood
many thanks to pia, for agreeing to be my model.


anielle santos 2

a little experiment with raster graphics.anielle in autumn

another snap of anielle here.



jailbird: composition in masking tapehad this image in my head since second year college. 'bout time it broke free.


hope no more

lost air balloonforget it.

the stars will not align. the universe will not conspire.
lady luck has left the building.

it just won't happen. best you let it go.

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