clean done quick and dirty

lotion product shotimpromptu product shoot. sketchpad sheet for backing, some tape to hold it up, a 100 watt strobe as key light, plus two sheets of bond paper and poster board for fill.



stealing faces: bootsie

bootsie in super 8shot at the wedding of a common friend several years back.

was heavily into vintage film at the time, so i tried to approximate the look of a super-8 still in post.

took a rather tedious set of actions and a whole lot of layering to get this one done (including some digitally created hair, scratches, and bits of dust. but i found out along the way that the whole process seems to work best on outtakes: the images that are nyarp (slightly out of focus) and, er, compositionally challenged.

so it's also a sneaky way to rescue some of the stuff which otherwise would be headed for binary heaven.


tracy abad 2

uaap courtside reporter, radio jock and mall diva. and so damn pretty, it hurts.tracy abad 2

click here for another pic of tracy.

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