jacq yu 2

fhm cover girl jacqueline yu. and me, back in vector mode.
jacqueline yu with vector art

there's another pic of jacq from the same session here and here.



sudden color in a sea of white. detail of the house in nabua.
this time, the corner of the stairwell.



bench+floor tiles+carpet.

sitting area on the second floor landing of the house in nabua, camarines sur.

t'was my first visit there since it's construction, and the last couple of posts (along with a few more to follow) show how much i like the place.

it's just so...geometric.

bench and floor and rug


idle wild

nothing to do. so, more vector mayhem. source image from a series i shot during a casting call. damn i'm bored.

male model with vector art


jackie christian

jackie christian with vector art
2nd runner up at the 2007 mossimo bikini summit and the first professional model i've ever photographed.

hope she doesn't mind this little experiment with vector illustrations.

more snaps of jackie here and here.

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