cracks in the sky

maybe if i wait long enough, they'll start bleeding stars. tree branches against overcast sky


some of us are tall, some of us are small

officemates marie and anthony, shot during the last company anniversary. anthony and marie with balloons


lost and found

that can't be yours, fed. it isn't black enough.

heart in wood


jackie christian 2

jackie christian with photo illustrationsjust fooling around with some casting photos i took of UNO model jackie christian a good while back.

shots from another session with jackie here and here.


shooting on a shoestring

a no-budget end frame for a mega-budget commercial.

the set consists of my black office jacket draped over a chair to cover the seat and backrest. the products are resting on glass stolen from one of the office tables.
clusivol end framethey're lit with one overhead strobe, flagged so the light won't hit the background. a piece of cardboard bounces light toward the front of the shot, and a desk pad on camera left and just out of frame helps lighten up the side of the box.

reflections are all in-camera, with postwork limited to slight retouching of the box's worn edges.


lighting lab: pia

when you're stressed at work, go shoot somebody.
pia in the hood
many thanks to pia, for agreeing to be my model.

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