summertime people: the sundays vs. arrested development

busy on the 'tables mashing again. and *sigh* trying to find a surefire way to get the songs to load properly here. so far, no luck. sometimes the playback thingie doesn't show up, in which case, you may have to keep reloading the page or blogpost until it does. sorry.


lithium kiss: prince vs. nirvana

poor old kurt would be turning in his grave.


notorious candy shop: duran duran vs. 50 cent

mashup time again.

like the previous 2 tracks, this one's recorded as performed. figured it would be a nice challenge to mash songs 'live', do all the adjustments on the fly, and try to nail the mix in a single take.

the struggle now is finding a better way to balance the sound levels.
lots more to learn but hell, i'm having a blast.


shut up poser: the ting tings vs. N*E*R*D

managed to get some free time last sunday. so was back on the 'tables, haha.


the bedroom warning: nine inch nails vs. duran duran

fed's obsessed with his brand new hobby: playing dj on a pair of virtual turntables.

here's a mash from one of the initial sessions. it's pretty rough 'round the edges, but still, good fun. *grin*



freaky coincidence on a family trip to baguio.



pop fix

several weeks ago, our team sent out some products to be shot by a commercial photographer. the images that came back were as expected: incredibly sharp, immaculately prepped and softly lit.

trouble is, they didn't quite show what the client was proud of – the product's silver blue metallic wrap. sending the stuff back for a reshoot would be costly, and fixing the problem in post, too time consuming. so i figured (being the lighting nerd that i am), why not just jump in and try to remedy it ourselves?

powerpops product shot

no strobes on this one. just a desklamp, some tracing paper, and a couple of sheets of posterboard. set the product on the white side of the posterboard and hold it in position with some blue tack. that'll take care of your flooring, as well as your front and bottom fill. place the desklamp really close without entering the frame (you'll need to get the light as bright as possible so you can stop down the aperture and keep everything sharp). set the lamphead above and slightly behind the product so you get some rimlight for added dimension. place the tracing paper between the lamp and product to soften and spread the light. then, using the second sheet of posterboard as a gobo, sculpt the dark areas and gradations that make metals look, well, metallic. move that gobo around til you get a pleasing reflection and fire away.

oh, you'll need to keep the camera steady as you do that, so a nice heavy tripod helps. also, rather than trigger the shutter by hand, use the timer to minimize shake.

photographed using the office's canon 400d set to f/8, 1/10 sec at iso100 with +1 exposure compensation. setup and shoot time, approximately 30 minutes.


big mistake

one more sign that civilization, as we know it, is doomed.
spotted at the local bookstore.

book title: in fed we trust


lighting lab: centrum silver

just one light, but a whole lot of shuffling with gobos and whatnot to get the reflections right.

centrum silver product shot



what i read.

take nothing but time, picture nothing but footprints, kill nothing but memories, bring nothing, leave and what it really said.take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time, bring nothing but memories


broken dreamcatcher

all set to catch broken dreams.

dreamcatcher triptych


one for the bro

kuya asked me to help design a banner in honor of a fallen fellow archer.

if you're into uaap basketball, you'll probably see this flying at halftime during the la salle games.bro ceci bannerRIP bro. ceci m. hojilla fsc (1944-2009)



camphoning in jakarta. photostitch of the only pictures i took on last month's business trip to indonesia.

camphone panorama: view from the room at the hotel borobudur, jakarta
this is the view from my room at the hotel borobodur. that's the istiqlal mosque on the far left, the gereja kathedral next to it, the irian barat freedom monument in the center, and the building of the finance ministry on the far right.


my favorite angel

meet bubut, vector drawn from a snapshot she sent me.

bubut's vector portrait


wrong goes right

happy accidents from the baguio trip.

turns out that sometimes, when its lens is aimed straight at the light, my s45 has trouble resolving the incoming data and the image ends up all funky-colored and solarized.

am really liking the trippy, in-camera effect. hooray for sensor failure!solarized pines and flowers
adformatix creatives in baguio solarized
adformatix creatives in baguio solarized 2


hi-land and lo-fi

several weeks ago, our department headed up to baguio for some long overdue down time. t'was also a personal vacation from 'serious' shooting: a chance to click purely for kicks, explore a lo-fi aesthetic, and leave the sharpness-obsessed, dial-fiddling, flash-fixated part of me back home.

mountains as seen through bus window
pension house stairwell
pines fronting the manor, camp john hay
purple flower, worm's eye view
asleep in a jeep
baguio street scene
tam-awan artist's village hike
low angle inside jeepney

a few rules i set for myself on this trip:
• point and shoot
• zoom with your feet
• aim into the light to maximize flare
• use a high iso to increase noise and the chances of overexposure
• shoot from the hip, the floor, above your head, behind your back or over your shoulder -- anything, just don't look through the viewfinder
• stay in aperture priority mode the whole time to force camera to drag the shutter in low light
• always keep your opening at its widest setting for narrow depth of field
• forget about focus
• record in raw so you can recover data if need be later

reflection in mirror shards embedded in fireplace
sunlight streaming through leaves
sausage curtain in baguio market

the busride home
adformatix creatives1
adformatix creatives 2

all images captured using the trusty ol' 4 megapixel canon powershot s45 in AP mode and fixed at iso 200.


self portrait by moonlight

first in a series of images from a trip to baguio with the entire creative department. one second exposure on raw using a 4MP canon s45 at iso 200, then pushed aggressively in conversion, hence the lovely noise and false color.

self portrait



this weekend's obsession. here's a set made using the names of my teammates at work.



worm hole

credit goes to my bro for spotting the little bugger inching his way along the ledge we were sitting on.

worm crawling along stone fence
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