lighting lab: hana



my favorite angel

meet bubut, vector drawn from a snapshot she sent me.

bubut's vector portrait


wrong goes right

happy accidents from the baguio trip.

turns out that sometimes, when its lens is aimed straight at the light, my s45 has trouble resolving the incoming data and the image ends up all funky-colored and solarized.

am really liking the trippy, in-camera effect. hooray for sensor failure!solarized pines and flowers
adformatix creatives in baguio solarized
adformatix creatives in baguio solarized 2


hi-land and lo-fi

several weeks ago, our department headed up to baguio for some long overdue down time. t'was also a personal vacation from 'serious' shooting: a chance to click purely for kicks, explore a lo-fi aesthetic, and leave the sharpness-obsessed, dial-fiddling, flash-fixated part of me back home.

mountains as seen through bus window
pension house stairwell
pines fronting the manor, camp john hay
purple flower, worm's eye view
asleep in a jeep
baguio street scene
tam-awan artist's village hike
low angle inside jeepney

a few rules i set for myself on this trip:
• point and shoot
• zoom with your feet
• aim into the light to maximize flare
• use a high iso to increase noise and the chances of overexposure
• shoot from the hip, the floor, above your head, behind your back or over your shoulder -- anything, just don't look through the viewfinder
• stay in aperture priority mode the whole time to force camera to drag the shutter in low light
• always keep your opening at its widest setting for narrow depth of field
• forget about focus
• record in raw so you can recover data if need be later

reflection in mirror shards embedded in fireplace
sunlight streaming through leaves
sausage curtain in baguio market

the busride home
adformatix creatives1
adformatix creatives 2

all images captured using the trusty ol' 4 megapixel canon powershot s45 in AP mode and fixed at iso 200.

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