summertime people: the sundays vs. arrested development

busy on the 'tables mashing again. and *sigh* trying to find a surefire way to get the songs to load properly here. so far, no luck. sometimes the playback thingie doesn't show up, in which case, you may have to keep reloading the page or blogpost until it does. sorry.


lithium kiss: prince vs. nirvana

poor old kurt would be turning in his grave.


notorious candy shop: duran duran vs. 50 cent

mashup time again.

like the previous 2 tracks, this one's recorded as performed. figured it would be a nice challenge to mash songs 'live', do all the adjustments on the fly, and try to nail the mix in a single take.

the struggle now is finding a better way to balance the sound levels.
lots more to learn but hell, i'm having a blast.


shut up poser: the ting tings vs. N*E*R*D

managed to get some free time last sunday. so was back on the 'tables, haha.


the bedroom warning: nine inch nails vs. duran duran

fed's obsessed with his brand new hobby: playing dj on a pair of virtual turntables.

here's a mash from one of the initial sessions. it's pretty rough 'round the edges, but still, good fun. *grin*

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