band practice

have spare time, play with logo of old school band.

de la salle zobel brass band logo study


jacq yu 3

dug this one up from the archives. it's no playboy spread, but...

jacq yu portraitmore pics of jacq here and here.


it's a small world after all

what the hell, fed.

you took a camphone photo and gave it the tilt-shift treatment, in order to make that real-life vista look like it was all constructed in miniature.

so you made a small format look like a large format to make a large subject look small.

faux tiltshift effect using camphone photo of barge on pasig river man, you really need to get your head examined.


after joya

life imitates art again. this time, the thickly textured work of national artist jose joya.

camphone picture of rooftops. taken from the penthouse suite of tivoli residences, pasig
camphone shot of clustered houses along the pasig river.


slave 2 the faith (keeping u back): britney spears vs. billy joel vs. fat joe

kuya asked if i could try and funkify billy joel's keeping the faith.


lighting lab: freddy vs. jason

halloween at adformatix. opportune time to test drive my DIY light modifier -- a beauty dish cobbled together from a plastic planter base, a CD spindle, some styrofoam, ductape, and a convex safety mirror.

hyko gantioqui as freddy kruegerrogel africa as jason voorhees

the dish was mounted onto my 580ex II flashgun and tethered to the office dslr, a canon 400d. good fun. thanks to toody, bt and neil for indulging me.




stealing faces: sir con

tribute to adformatix' recently-retired chief creative officer, who's never without his pencil, his coffee, or his sense of humor.

sir conrad writing
sir conrad coffee
sir conrad joketime


jackson pollock painting

life imitates art. in this case, number 1 (lavender mist), 1948.
tangle of twigs shot from atop the great wall of china.

shrubs along the great wall in china


tiananmen square incident

students in a shooting of a different sort.

student tourists in tiananmen squarejust realized, today marks the 21th anniversary of the crackdown and the tragedy that followed.



closed circuit television camera system near the china central television headquarters in beijing.

curious namesakes. one is programmed to watch people, the other makes programs for people to watch.

closed circuit tv cameras near the cctv tower


drive-by shooting: beijing

cctv tower as seen from taxicab
the cctv headquarters, shot through a taxi window.
thank heaven for camphones.

cctv tower in beijing


lion of stone, lion of air

diptych from photos taken on a recent trip to beijing.
stone guardian in the forbidden city and cloud floating over the great wall.

lion statue in forbidden city and lion-like cloud formation over great wall

black star

star-shaped leaf on twig silhouette


shiny 9-inch nails (me i'm mashed): collective soul vs. nin

a real quickie here. trent & co's me i'm not laid over that fuzzy guitar riff from shine.


patterns past

have a habit of recurring now, don't they?

stained glass window. baclayon church, bohol
old bottles
capiz window detail
porthole designs, ancestral house detail


fort bonifacio skyline

shot one cold day last december. i just hope that's fog and not smog.

fort in fog


guess who

spent part of the christmas break shooting the new celebrity endorser for one of our brands, robitussin liquigel.

celebrity endorser

cat's out of the bag though. the ad started airing this weekend.

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