after joya

life imitates art again. this time, the thickly textured work of national artist jose joya.

camphone picture of rooftops. taken from the penthouse suite of tivoli residences, pasig
camphone shot of clustered houses along the pasig river.


slave 2 the faith (keeping u back): britney spears vs. billy joel vs. fat joe

kuya asked if i could try and funkify billy joel's keeping the faith.


lighting lab: freddy vs. jason

halloween at adformatix. opportune time to test drive my DIY light modifier -- a beauty dish cobbled together from a plastic planter base, a CD spindle, some styrofoam, ductape, and a convex safety mirror.

hyko gantioqui as freddy kruegerrogel africa as jason voorhees

the dish was mounted onto my 580ex II flashgun and tethered to the office dslr, a canon 400d. good fun. thanks to toody, bt and neil for indulging me.

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